Production of bags and small leather goods for third parties

From design to production

Your bag manufacturing partner

Elda Trade stands out in the sector of bag and small leather goods manufacturer for third parties, and offers two main services: the development of new products based on original customer ideas and the creation of products from existing models.

We follow every project with the utmost care and precision, thereby guaranteeing high quality end products. From initial design to final production, each stage is handled with attention to detail, ensuring that each bag embodies the characteristics required by the customer.

Customisation and sophisticated craftsmanship

Our experience and expertise in the leather goods sector allow us to offer highly-customised products. In particular, our expertise extends to the artisanal manufacture of hides, where the focus is on vegetable-tanned leathers that are not treated with plastic fastening layers. In addition, we use saddle sewing techniques, which add a further touch of uniqueness and refinement to our products.

How bags are manufactured, step by step

Design and planning

Drawing and designing the bag is the first step, and this is a crucial phase of the creative process.. The initial phase involves a careful selection of materials, choosing the most suitable leather and accessories to complement the design. This approach ensures that each bag is not only aesthetically appealing but also functional, hard-wearing, and reflects the quality and innovation that are the hallmark of Elda Trade.

Pattern development

Upon receiving the customer’s approval of the pattern, we proceed with implementing it.. Our team of experienced pattern makers works with precision to create a template that faithfully reflects the desired design once the idea is transferred onto paper. Subsequently, the defect finding process takes place, whereby every aspect of the design is examined and perfected, ensuring that the end product complies fully with the customer’s requirements.

Creation of prototype

Once the paper mock-up has been made, we proceed with the creation of the first prototype.. This is an essential step in the evaluation process of the product’s appearance and functionality. The prototype is then subjected to an accurate defect finding process, where every minute detail is examined and perfected.

Produzione borse conto terzi - realizzazione del campione

Sample creation

Once the prototype has been perfected, we make the first sample.. This sample is an exact representation of the end product and is submitted for customer approval.. At this stage, the customer has the opportunity to evaluate all of the product’s features, and make sure that it fully reflects their initial vision.

Manufacturer of bags: small and large quantities

Once the sample has been approved, the final production phase begins.. At Elda Trade, every bag is made with the utmost care and attention to detail. Our agility allows us to activate both small and large quantity production output, depending on the order’s requirements and type.

Produzione Borse: piccole e grandi quantità

Product packaging

In response to specific requests, we offer our customers the possibility of customising product packaging using their own materials, including labels and barcodes supplied by them, together with detailed packaging instructions. This process ensures that products are ready for direct delivery to points of sale, and eliminates the need for further work prior to distribution.

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